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Asia Electric Technologies presently comprises of four sections:

Power Quality Solutions & Equipments (PQSE) section, made up of competent professionals providing consulting services pertaining to power quality problems. PQSE services include system study for optimum power usage, harmonic analysis, solutions to overload problem, etc.

Equipments supplied under this section are Power Factor Correction Capacitor Bank, Harmonics Passive Filters Bank, Line Filters, Surge Arresters, etc.

Transformers & Reactors (T&R) section, which manufactures quality transformers, reactors, DC link chokes, AC line chokes, reactors for harmonic filtering, etc.
T&R section also provides motors and transformers repairing/rewinding services.

Automation & Control (A&C) section fabricates customized controls panel, operating panels, PLC panels, motor starters, remote control/monitoring user interfaces, etc. The industries we served include Oil & Gas, factory automations, marine & shipbuilding, agricultural automations, etc.Installations & Services (I&S) section provides cabling and wiring services, installations of switchboards and control panels, Interior turnkey contracts to offices, factories and retail shops.

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AET Electric Pte Ltd
AET Technologies Pte Ltd
Asia Electric Transformers
Asia Electric Technologies

Entrepreneur Business Centre
18 Kaki Bukit Road 3 #01-05
Singapore 415978
Tel: +65 62988550
Fax: +65 62996069

Mr. T.B Leong, email: boon@aet.com.sg
Transformers products

Mr. S.C.Chee, email: cheesc@aet.com.sg
Loadbanks and reactors

Mr. Ivan Lim, email: ivan.lim@aet.com.sg
Capacitors(EPCOS) and switchboards components (LOVATO)

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